Auto Follow

Help section for the Auto Follow module on Advanced Mode.


Auto Follow allows you to automate the following process on Instagram.
Once setup you can leave it running in the background on your browser and Growth Beast will follow the Users in the list.
To get started, make sure you have downloaded the Growth Beast browser extension and that you are signed into Instagram.

Setting Up Auto Follow

  1. 1.
    Use the Instagram search bar or navigate to a User’s profile – This will be the account used to find prospective targets so ideally an account that is relevant to your niche and one that has good metrics i.e. lots of followers and engagement
2. Then click the Growth Beast icon at the top left of your screen
3. Make sure the Follow Tab is selected on the module
4. Specify targeting criteria:
  • Users Followed – The Followers of the account you have chosen
  • Users Following – The Following of the account
  • User Comment – Users that have commented on your chosen account
  • User Likes – Users that have liked your chosen account
5. Click find targets and wait for accounts to populate
6. Dy default all targets will be selected but you can manually select or deselect targets
7. The recommended limit is 100 accounts, however you can increase or decrease this limit by entering a number in the limit field
8. You can also sort by various criteria to get the best targets for your account
9. You can also filter via the Filter menu to specify what kind of accounts you are looking for:
10. Choose between the preset filter options – Small Account, Medium Account, Influencers or Advanced
11. You can then tailor these presets with the sliders to control the range of four different criteria – Followers, Following, Follow Ratio & Posts
12. You can also choose from a number of selections to further expand or contract your targeting
  • Private Accounts – Include private accounts in your targeting
  • Public Accounts – Include public accounts in your targeting
  • Verified Accounts – Include verified accounts in your targeting
  • Non-Verified Accounts – Include non-verified accounts in your targeting
  • Business Accounts – Include business accounts in your targeting
  • Non-Business Accounts – Include non-business accounts in your targeting
  • Recently Joined Accounts – Include recently joined accounts in your targeting
  • Aged Accounts – Include older accounts in your targeting
13. Once finished click ‘Apply Filters To Current Queue’
14. When you are ready, click ‘Follow Selected Users’ at the bottom and Growth Beast will start following your chosen targets. You can stop the automation at anytime by clicking ‘Stop’
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