Auto Comment

Help section for the Auto Story View module on Advanced Mode

Auto Comment allows you to automate the Comment process on Instagram.

Once setup you can leave it running in the background on your browser and Growth Beast will comment on the posts on your Instagram Feed.

To get started, make sure you have downloaded the Growth Beast browser extension and that you are signed into Instagram.

Setting Up Auto Comment

  1. Start by navigating to the Home Feed page on Instagram

2. Then click the Growth Beast icon at the top left of your screen

3. Select the Comment Tab

4. Firstly click ‘Manage Comments’ and scroll down to ‘Short Codes & Comments Configurations’ where you will see some default short codes and comments that will apply to the automation

5. To add your own short codes and comments, follow these steps:

  • You can add new short codes and comments using the Plus icons at the top of the lists

  • Give your short code or comment a title, then you can enter your text or emojis

  • Use add variation if you want to add a variation that will be randomly selected e.g. different emojis

  • You can edit and delete short codes and comments using the Actions on the right-hand side of the lists

  • When adding or editing a comment, use the ‘Add A Shortcode’ section to add your short codes to your comment text

  • Remember to click ‘Save’ at the bottom when you are finished

6. Close the window to return to the main Comment module and then click ‘Find Targets’

  • By default all targets will be selected but you can manually select or deselect targets

  • The recommended limit is 100 accounts, however you can increase or decrease this limit by entering a number in the limit field

  • When you are ready, click ‘Comment on Selected Posts’ at the bottom and Growth Beast will start commenting on your selected posts. You can stop the automation at anytime by clicking ‘Stop’

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